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School Nutrition

The Community Nutrition Program supports programs and projects that help schools provide healthy, culturally-appropriate, preferably local foods for students.

Alaska Resources

Cover of the Alaska School Salad Book  

See list below to download individual Family-Sized Recipes.

Family-Sized Recipe Card Example: Pizza Salad

Download image files of the Family Recipe Cards below to use on your website, in newsletters, in handouts, or in emails. Please include the back of the card next to each recipe or include the following permission statement: 

"This recipe is used with permission from the Obesity Prevention and Control Program. The recipes were developed for the Alaska School Salad Book and can be found on the web at:"

Right click and "save as" on the image files to download. If you need larger resolution images you can use the pdf with all the recipe cards combined, or contact: Diane Peck, phone: 907-269-8447

Please include the back of the card (with logos and web address) when using any of our Family Recipe Cards, or see permission statement above.

Family Recipe Cards are listed in alphabetical order below:


Other Resources

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For more information about PAN Community Nutrition, please email Diane Peck, MPH, RDN or call 907-269-8447.