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Anchorage AK 99503
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Obesity Prevention - Overview


Our mission is to prevent and reduce obesity among Alaskans though the promotion of physical activity and good nutrition.

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The program:

  • serves as a credible source of information on the causes, health and economic consequences of obesity to the public, health professionals, and the media;
  • maintain systematic collection, analysis, evaluation and reporting of obesity prevalence and related physical activity and nutrition behaviors;
  • identifies population groups at greatest risk for the health threats of obesity;
  • develops partnerships with and provides leadership to a wide variety of private and public agencies;
  • provides technical advice and support to partners in implementing obesity prevention strategies;
  • manages the Play Every Day campaign, Community Nutrition efforts, the Obesity Prevention School Partnerships, Healthy Drinks Project, and the Early Care and Education Initiative;
  • facilitates the Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids that works to prevent childhood obesity.