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Activity-Friendly Routes to Everyday Destinations

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Vision Zero Anchorage - reduce the loss of life and major injuries on roadways to zero

Our health starts long before we visit a doctor’s office. It begins where we live, work, learn and play. That’s where we find it easier — or harder — to makes choices that affect our health: Can our children walk to school? Can we get to our local park on foot, by bike, or by bus instead of by car? Connecting everyday destinations with activity friendly routes means that you should be able to safely get to stores, schools, workplaces​ and other places by walking, biking or bus. Every bit of physical activity adds up each day to help you stay healthy and prevent disease.

Improving safety and health

In 2019, the State of Alaska Physical Activity and Nutrition program started working with the Vision Zero Anchorage team to connect safe routes for walking and biking with everyday destinations like schools, workplaces, stores and playgrounds.

Vision Zero Anchorage began in 2016 as a community commitment to eliminate the loss of life and major injuries on roadways. The Vision Zero team is studying injury and death data to learn more about who is involved in traffic-related crashes. Knowing why, when, and where traffic crashes occur will help determine a plan to eliminate them. The team will use that analysis to design an approach to build safer streets and connections to everyday destinations. Over time, Vision Zero staff will evaluate what works and make changes as needed.

This state and city partnership includes professionals who focus on different specialties and work together to improve health and safety. The state team includes public health specialists, registered dietitians, nurses and health communicators focused on promoting physical activity and nutrition to prevent chronic diseases that last a lifetime, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The municipal’s team includes planners, the parks and recreation and public works departments, traffic engineers, tribal representatives, social service agencies, nonprofits, health and community members. All of these people will work together to change Anchorage’s transportation network and destinations to improve physical activity for thousands of adults and children; make walking, biking and driving safer; and prevent traffic-related injuries and death.

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Visit Vision Zero Anchorage​


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For more information about the Physical Activity and Nutrition program’s efforts to connect everyday destinations with activity-friendly routes, please email Dawn Groth or call (907) 334-5966.


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