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Obesity Prevention - Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids

Water is a Healthy Drink: A young elementary school aged girl takes a drink from a chilled water bottle during lunch.

Banner image credit: CDC/Amanda Mills

Public health and dental professionals team up to cut sugary drink consumption


The Oral Health and Obesity Prevention programs are working on a 2-year pilot project, funded by the CDC, to cut sugary drinks consumption in order to improve oral health and prevent obesity and other chronic diseases. Between September 2016 and August 2018, the programs will work with dental providers to reduce sugary drink consumption among their patients − especially in families with young children − expand the Play Every Day campaign’s sugary drink prevention efforts, and provide clinics with patient educational materials.

Engaging Dental Providers

Learning from the successes of a similar program with health care providers in tobacco prevention (“ask, advise, assess, assist, arrange”), the project will offer training to dental clinics and providers to “ask” their patients about sugary drinks, “advise” patients to reduce consumption, and “assist” patients in coming up with a plan to reduce the sugary drinks in their diet and replace them with water. Dental clinics that integrate the interventions into routine clinical care will consistently screen patients for sugary drink consumption, document intake, and intervene with patients who drink sugary beverages, increasing the likelihood that patients will reduce sugary drink intake and drink water for better health.

Developing Communication Materials

Helathy Drinks for Healthy Kids: Serve Water or lowfat milk 

Building on the successful Play Every Day campaign, specific messages will be developed that support the work of dental providers. Play Every Day is the State of Alaska’s campaign to positively change the obesity-related behaviors of children and families to promote a healthy weight while reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.
Play Every Day messages will reinforce the messages dental providers give their patients by broadcasting TV public service announcements encouraging Alaskans to reduce their consumption of sugary drinks. Play Every Day will distribute educational materials to schools, early childcare centers, other stakeholder organizations, and dental providers to use for patient education. Messages will also be shared via social media, earned media, and other electronic formats.

Healthy Drinks Healthy Kids materials are at Play Every Day:

Sugary Drink Resources


Karol Fink, MS RD
Program Manager
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Interim Oral Health Program Coordinator
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Ann Potempa, MPH
Play Every Day Coordinator
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