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Emergency Medical Service Awards

EMS Provider Award

Medically-trained person who performs meritorious service above and beyond expectations of the job.


  • Brianne Gologergen, ETT, CHA and Danielle Reynolds, ETT, CHA, Savoonga — In recognition of their life-saving care to a patient with a gunshot wound in December 2010.


  • Mike Moore, Seward — In recognition of his more than 25 years of dedication to the Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and his contributions to the surrounding communities.


  • Soren Threadgill — In recognition of his vision, positive attitude and magnanimous heart in serving his community, region and state. His work to improve patient outcomes from strokes will effect positive changes for years to come.


  • Virgie Hartley-McKeown of Willow — in recognition of forty years of dedicated EMS service to the community.


  • Victoria Erickson of Nome, in recognition of her 15 years of exemplary and selfless service to the community of Nome and the Norton Sound.


  • Timothy McKeown, EMT I -- Willow, who died in the line of duty and is honored posthumously for his long career in EMS.


  • James West, Jr., EMT-- Nome, for his many years of dedicated service with the Volunteer Fire and Search and Rescue departments.


  • Terry Buness, EMT I - Wrangell, for 34 years of calm, professional and gentle service to the state EMS system.


  • Staff Sergent Kendall Greenleaf - Ft. Wainwright, for his rescue of a severely-injured snow-machine operator from a mountain near the Gulkana Glacier


  • Anne Kosacheff, EMT III - Bethel, the first woman in Bethel to become a state-certified firefighter; Bethel Fire Dept. Firefighter of the Year & also had the most EMS runs of the year


  • AST2 Jason Bunch, EMT I -- USCG Kodiak, for extraordinary efforts in a rescue situation


  • Tom Vaden, EMT III – Nome, in recognition of 16 years of dedication to EMS care in the Norton Sound Region


  • Dolores Askook – Iggiugig, in recognition of her exemplary performance as an EMS provider


  • Jeff Crowe, EMT-III - Capital City Fire & Rescue, Juneau, in recognition of his years of service and his outstanding patient care and role modeling for other EMTs


  • Hattie Peter, CHP - Galena Health Center, in recognition of her years of service


  • Michael Lary, EMT-III, Sitka Fire Dept. & USCG Air Station- Sitka, in recognition of his patient care in his professional medevac work and his volunteer work with the Sitka Fire Dept.


  • Mark Hunt, RN, EMT- Nome, in recognition of volunteer work with Nome Volunteer Ambulance Service as well as work as EMT Instructor and Nurse at Norton Sound Health Corporation


  • Lillian Komakhuk, EMT-I & Charles Lean, EMT-I- Nome, in recognition of their dedication, caring & years of service provided to patients & EMS providers in the Norton Sound Region


  • Marge Nord, MICP- Cantwell, for her many years of involvement in EMS, including obtaining advanced training and returning to her community


  • Michael V. Owens, MICP - Nome, for his EMS response to entire Norton Sound area in addition to administrative duties


  • Becky Lundqvist, Medevac Coordinator, Humana Hospital - Anchorage


  • Michael V. Owens, MICP – Nome, for his EMS response to entire Norton Sound area in addition to administrative duties


  • John Freeman, EMT - MAST, Ft. Wainwright for special rescues


  • George Tagarook, EMT-I - Kaktovik for his leadership & professionalism


  • Polly Fleming, RN, PA – Skagway, for years of service & quality care


  • Gordon Isaacs, EMT II – Dillingham, for all-around performance & years of quality care


  • Don Mercer - EMT-II - LaBouchere Bay, for being the only EMT at the logging camp who serves all of northern Prince of Wales Island, provides training in CPR & high-quality patient care


  • Stan Shafer - Capt. of Cordova Fire Dept. for development of SAR for Cordova area & years of involvement to improve EMS & SAR in Cordova area


  • Captain Wilson Valentine, Chris Sims, & Kevin Shanders - University of Alaska Fairbanks Fire Dept. for bravery & competence in locating & rescuing 2 unconscious victims from a burning apartment building


  • Colleen Karnofsky, EMT-II - Capt. of Wasilla Ambulance Service for her outstanding qualities which are sought by all EMTs


  • Carl Hild, EMT II/health education specialist – Barrow, for a drowning rescue


  • Julie Burden - Whale Pass Logging Camp, for saving a logging accident victim


  • No Award Given


  • Douglas Hulk, Asst. Fire Chief & EMT – Skagway, for heroic action in rescue from a fall from an electric pole