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Emergency Programs

The Division of Public Health’s Section of Emergency Programs encompasses the Health Emergency Response Operations and EMS units as well as the Alaska Trauma System and leads the way in preparing the State of Alaska and its citizens for any public health emergency or disaster, either natural or man-made. The Section accomplishes this goal by:

  • working, planning, and training with its partner agencies and providing educational materials for healthcare agencies and the general public;
  • conducting training for first responders and healthcare agencies;
  • holding readiness exercises for and with our local, state, federal, tribal and non-profit partners;
  • ensuring the availability and quality of EMS personnel and agencies in Alaska through guidelines, training, certification, technical assistance, data collection, and quality assurance activities;
  • providing emergency planning support for Alaskan communities and healthcare agencies; and
  • providing grant funding for statewide hospital and healthcare preparedness and for the operations of the seven EMS Regions.


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