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Alaska Comfort One Program

Do Not Resuscitate Protocol and Identification

Comfort One LogoPurpose of the Comfort One (DNR) Program:

Some individuals who are terminally ill do not wish to have life-saving measures, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), performed on them when their breathing and heartbeat stop. The Comfort One Program was established in 1996 to help health care providers identify terminally-ill people who have expressed these wishes. State regulations contain a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) protocol for physicians and other healthcare providers which sets out a standardized procedure for the withholding of CPR from patients who have chosen to participate in the DNR program. In implementing the protocol, the physician or other health care provider must comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations related to the provision of or withholding of care.

How the Program Works:

A qualified patient is enrolled in the Comfort One Program by his or her physician who fills out a Program enrollment form. The patient is given a copy of the form and a wallet card at the time of enrollment in the Program. Some patients choose to purchase an optional Comfort One© Bracelet, which provides additional evidence of Program enrollment.

Under the statewide protocol, CPR will not be started and will be stopped if already in progress on patients who are confirmed to be enrolled in the Comfort One Program.

In 1998, a bill was passed into law which removed the duty of a peace officer to respond to an expected home death, provided that law enforcement has been notified of the impending home death and there are no suspicious or unusual circumstances surrounding the death: AS 12.65.007. A copy of the Comfort One enrollment form may be sent to law enforcement to provide advance notice of an expected home death.

 sdEnrollment Forms:

A patient may obtain enrollment forms and an optional bracelet from his or her physician.

A physician seeking forms and/or bracelets can obtain them from:

Southern Region EMS Council, Anchorage (907) 562-6449

Interior Region EMS Council, Fairbanks (907) 456-3978

Southeast Region EMS Council, Sitka (907) 747-8005

For More Information:

Comfort One Statutes and Regulations: