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Infectious Disease
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) nationwide and in Alaska. Many sectors, from private industry and health care providers to state, local, Tribal and federal governments, are working to address shortages. This website aims to connect those in Alaska who need PPE, or those who wish to donate PPE, with available resources. 

What Alaskans need to know about PPE

For Health Care Professionals

Hospitals, Emergency Medical Services, and other health care providers in Alaska are working to procure and conserve PPE. Find links below on how to request PPE through your local emergency operations center (EOC), plus links to helpful resources.

PPE guidance

Heath care providers are responsible for assessing risks, determining appropriate PPE needs and ensuring it meets federal, state, and local requirements, including but not limited to FDA approval or emergency use authorization, OSHA standards, CDC-NIOSH standards, and CDC recommendations for infection control. Proper training is also essential. Providing a link to resources on this website does not represent State of Alaska approval or oversight of any products obtained through this site.

How to request PPE in Alaska

  • Health care providers should continue to order through their usual vendors. Please do this first before ordering from the state.
  • To request PPE from the state: Contact your local emergency operations center and make a request. If they cannot assist with local resources, they can make a request through the State EOC at (907) 428-7100. If you do not know how to contact your local emergency operations center, contact the State EOC.
  • For more information is available on the COVID-19 Resource Request Process Flow.
  • Health care providers can request PPE manufactured in Alaska through the Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) via their request form.

Information on PPE

Safety Considerations

For Businesses

Businesses reopening under the state’s Reopen Alaska Responsibly plan may be searching for supplies to ensure worker protection and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. To determine what PPE is required, visit the attachment for your business sector under the current phase of the plan. Shortages may occur in some supply areas. The following resources may help businesses determine PPE needs or source supplies.  

Retrieving PPE for your business

Understanding the needs for your business

OSHA requires that personal protective equipment meet or be equivalent to industry standards. This webpage provides a reference to OSHA standards and documents related to PPE.

For the General Public

Do you want to donate PPE? Local emergency management organizations may have coordinated efforts to collect PPE donations and distribute those supplies to organizations within their communities. Looking for your local EOC? Contact the State Emergency Operations Center, (907) 428-7100.

Cloth Face Coverings

The State of Alaska recommends the use of cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Please protect each other by wearing one when you know you can't stay at least 6 feet apart.

How to make and obtain cloth face coverings in Alaska

About facial cloth coverings

Donating PPE

Other community resources

Safety note/disclaimer

  • The State of Alaska does NOT endorse manufacturers, businesses, or products. Each facility, agency or individual is responsible for evaluating whether businesses meet Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • The State of Alaska does NOT approve PPE designs. In addition, a design approved for one setting may not be appropriate to another (request consultation through AK OSH).  
  • The State of Alaska does NOT select PPE. Employers should assess the hazards to which their workers may be exposed; evaluate the risk of exposure; and select, implement, and ensure workers use controls to prevent exposure. This U.S. Department of Labor website helps employers assess hazards and evaluate exposure risks.

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