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Infectious Disease
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Social media toolkit and downloads to share

Choose from our graphics, downloads and PSAs and share your favorites on social media and websites or print and post. A selection of our COVID-19 communications materials are also available to order free-of-charge through the Alaska State Emergency Operations Center.

Stay informed


 DHSS's COVID-19 PSA Playlist


Statewide COVID-19 Communications Updates

We can't thank our community partners enough for the ongoing efforts to keep Alaskans healthy, safe and informed about COVID-19.

If you have questions or would like something included in the next update, email items to, or with the subject: COVID-19 Week in Review.

What a safe distance looks like

How do Alaskans know what a safe distance looks like? 
What's a safe distance? About the length of a 200 lb halibut: 6 feet! 
What's a safe distance? About the length of a grizzly bear: 6 feet! 
What's a safe distance? About the length of a bull moose: 6 feet! 
What's a safe distance? About the windspan of a bald eagle: 6 feet! 
Stay safe Alaska. Six feet. Keep a safe distance. 

COVID Conscious Business

The COVID Conscious business toolkit offers a spectrum of printable signs and other materials are available for you to communicate the measures your business is taking. Select materials are featured here, but visit for a full selection of these eye-catching materials:

We are open for business! 
Keep your distance! Stay at least 6 feet apart 
Mask up, Alaska! 
My mask protects you, your mask  protects me 
Be a hand hygiene hero! 
Alaskans stand together 6 feet apart 

Stay diligent, stay healthy

Stay diligent, stay healthy: Mask up, Alaska! 
Stay diligent, stay healthy: Stand together 6 feet apart 
Stay diligent, stay healthy: Wash your hands 
Stay diligent, stay healthy: Clean and disinfect 

Catch salmon not COVID

I would rather salmon than COVID 
Catch salmon not COVID 
Social distancing, Alaska style 

Youth messaging #AKYouthCombatCOVID

I would rather salmon than COVID 
I would rather salmon than COVID 
I would rather salmon than COVID 
I would rather salmon than COVID 

What Alaskans can do

Wash your hands often 
Cough and sneeze into your sleeve please 
Don't touch your face 
Stay home, save lives 
Watch your feet - 6 feet 

Handwashing reminders

Download a JPG of any of our handwashing reminders to share on social media by selecting from the following images or view PDFall 11 handwashing posters to choose your favorites to print and post.

Wash your hands: Seriously. Wash them. Wash your hands: Love is everywhere. So is the flu. Wash your hands: Employees must wash their hands before returning to work. If you don't work here, wash your hands like you do. Wash your hands: Wash your hands for 20 seconds, which is about how long it takes to sing "Baby Shark." Wash your hands: If you're happy and you know it, wash your hands! Actually, regardless of your emotional state, wash your hands Wash your hands: Please wash your hands before taking a selfie. Wash your hands: Your food will taste better if you do. Wash your hands: Even tiny, little hands need washing. Wash your hands: Think of it as a protection spell. Wash your hands: You can wash them on a plane, you can scrub them near a drain. Rub them, scrub them, use soap. Wash your hands: Lather, rinse, repeat.

Stand together six feet apart

Stand together six feet apart, Alaska!

Share the facts

Open does not mean over 
Risk index
Box it in - test, quarantine, isolate, find
Reduce the probability of contagion by wearing a mask
Reduce your chance of spreading COVID by wearing a mask.
Know the symptoms: wet or dry cough; shortness of breath; fever; chills; muscle pain; headache; new loss of smell or taste; sore throat; fatigue


Mask up, Alaska! 
It's time to shrink your bubble!
Stand together six feet apart!
Keep COVID out of Alaska!
Stay home, save lives!
Be a mask hero!


Everyone has a story
Social distancing
We can stop it!


Keep calm and wear one
Open doesn't mean over: watch your 6, wear a mask, wash your hands, if you feel sick isolate
Mask up, Alaska! My mask protects you, your mask protects me
We can stop it! Do your part, wear a mask!
Catch salmon no COVID: wash your hands, watch your 6, wear a mask and isolate if you are sick

Ordering COVID-19 communications materials

Request free COVID-19 communication resources using the 213RR form. Your request will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, but PPE requests are given priority over communication resources. To make your request, please attach the COVID-19 communications material order form (page 2) with your requested quantities to your 213RR.

Resources from CDC


 CDC's #COVID-19 playlist