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Alaska Influenza Surveillance 

Laboratory-Confirmed (PCR or Rapid Test) Influenza Reported to the Alaska Section of Epidemiology, 2018-2019 Season

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​Updated Oct 12, 2018

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Updated Oct 12, 2018


  1. Cases are assigned by date of onset, diagnosis, or report — whichever is earliest; therefore, case counts may be updated as new data become available. 
  2. By national convention, cases are assigned by patient residence. For influenza cases when residence is not specified, cases are assigned to the location of the health care provider. 
  3. Areas with low or no case counts may reflect absence of testing rather than absence of disease. 
  4. Rapid influenza tests may give false positive or false negative results. PCR testing is recommended for confirmation.

The Alaska State Virology Laboratory (ASVL) Weekly Report summarizes all specimens evaluated by the Lab in the previous week.


Seasonal Influenza Trends

Prepared by the Section of Epidemiology, based on data supplied by the State Virology Laboratory, Fairbanks, and other laboratories.

Questions? Contact any member of the infectious disease team at the Section of Epidemiology in Anchorage at 907-269-8000 or Jayme Parker at the State Virology Laboratory in Fairbanks at 907-371-1005.