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The goal of the Alaska Tuberculosis (TB) Program is the eventual elimination of TB from Alaska. This will be accomplished through a collaborative effort with federal, state and local partners.  The State TB program oversees TB control in the state and manages a cooperative agreement from CDC which provides some funding to assist with TB control efforts.  

The State TB Program:

  • provides medications for persons suspected or confirmed to have active TB disease
  • ensures all persons with TB infection or disease are on appropriate regimens
  • assists with the monitoring of persons on therapy for TB infection or disease
  • provides consultations to providers, public health nurses, and the public
  • assists with the identification of persons exposed and possibly infected with TB
  • provides TB education and outreach to partners throughout the State

Archived Webinars:

TB Reports and Bulletins

 Alaska TB Program Manual and Forms

School TB Screening Resources

Reporting TB School Screening Results

Please report your results online using Survey Monkey. Within a week of your report, you will receive an email acknowledgement that your report was received.

If you are unable to use online reporting, please choose the correct form below:

 2017 School Tuberculin Testing Report - HIGH Risk.docxHigh Risk Schools

 2017 School Tuberculin Testing Report -LOW RISK.docxLow Risk Schools

Alaska Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) Manual

Other Resources