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Partners are what makes the AKVDRS successful

The AKVDRS was developed using many longtime established partners who have been involved in other public health projects and surveillance activities including the Alaska Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation project (established 1991) and the Alaska Trauma Registry.

Cooperation from the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Bureau of Investigation, Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, The Office of the Medical Examiner, and many local law enforcement agencies is duly noted and appreciated.

Additional assistance in ensuring the success of the AKVDRS program comes from the countless hours of dedication and program direction provided to AKVDRS staff from the members of the AKVDRS advisory group.

For information about National Violent Death Reporting System partners and resources, please visit CDC's NVDRS Partners page.

For more information about the AKVDRS, please contact:

Scott Saxon, Public Health Specialist
AKVDRS Program Coordinator
3601 C Street, Suite 540
Anchorage, AK 99503

907-269-2041 (fax)