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Fatality Assessment and Conrol Evaluation Statistics

Accessibility of Occupation-related Injury and Illness Data

Information about injuries, illnesses, and hazards in Alaska industries is departmentalized; current systems are fragmented and provide little information about circumstances leading up to and culminating in a severe or fatal incident. Specific information is difficult to tease out of large publications with multiple data charts and tables. Raw unidentified data may need to be analyzed to determine it usability and usefulness.

Using existing data systems, a base level of occupational safety and health surveillance for population-based surveillance is possible. Based on the availability of raw and summary data, the health conditions as defined by the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists could be gathered to discern the magnitude, trend, and distribution of occupational health conditions.

Data Sources for Occupational Health Indicators

Occupational Health IndicatorPrimary Data SourceSecondary Data Source
Non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses reported by employersAK DOLWD1
Work-related hospitalizationsAK HD2ATR3
Fatal work-related injuriesAK FACE4CFOI5 VDRS11
Work-related amputations with days away form work reported by employerAK DOLWD
Amputations filed with state workers’ compensation systemAK DOLWD
Hospitalization for work-related burnsAK HDATR
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders with days away from work reported by employerAK DOLWD
Carpal tunnel syndrome cases filed with the state workers’ compensation systemAK DOLWD
Hospitalization from or with pneumoconiosisATRAK DOLWD
Mortality from or with pneumoconiosisAK BVS6
Acute work-related pesticide-associated illness and injury reported to poison control centerAAPCC7AK DOLWD
Incidence of malignant mesotheliomaAK CR8
Elevated blood lead level among adultsAK ABLES9
Workers employed in Industries with high risk for occupational morbidityAK DOLWD
Workers employed in occupations with high risk for occupational morbidityAK DOLWD
Workers employed in industries and occupations with high risk for occupational mortalityAK DOLWD
Occupational safety and health professionalsASSEUAA-OSH10
Occupational safety and health administration enforcement activitiesAK DOLWD
Workers’ compensation awardsAK DOLWD

1Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

2Alaska Hospital Discharge database

3Alaska Trauma Registry

4Alaska Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation

5Census of Fatal Occupational Injury

6Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics

7American Association of Poison Control Centers

8Alaska Cancer Registry

9Alaska Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance

10University of Alaska Anchorage-Occ’l Safety & Hlth

11Alaska Violent Death Reporting System