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​For the most current information about measles in Alaska, visit the State of Alaska Infectious Disease Measles webpage​

VacTrAK​ is a web-based immunization information system (IIS) that is available from the Alaska Division of Public Health. It is a confidential, population-based, computerized system that maintains immunization information for Alaskans of all ages. VacTrAK is used to manage vaccine inventory and state supplied vaccine orders. VacTrAK helps public health agencies and health care providers to make informed decisions to improve the health of individuals and the entire community.
Effective December 29, 2013, health care providers are required to report all administered immunizations to VacTrAK within 14 days of vaccine administration (7 AAC 27.650). The new reporting requirement is applicable for any vaccine administered, including state supplied and privately purchased vaccine.



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