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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

Figure 1
Days of Poor Mental Health in Past Month by Age Group, 2009

Figure 1 

Data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey21 show the percent of Alaskan adults surveyed who self-report the number of days in the prior month that they experienced “poor mental health.”

In 2009, thirteen percent of survey respondents reported more than five days of poor mental health during the previous month. Those aged 65 and above reported the best mental health.

BRFSS does not collect data from individuals living in an institutional setting. Consequently, those who are experiencing bad mental health days and are living in an institutional setting, are not included in this data.

Source: AK DHSS Division of Public Health,Standard and Supplemental Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) 2009