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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

Figure 9: Positive Outcomes in Life Domains,
SFY 2009-2010 DHSS DBH Client Status Review
(CSR) - Individuals of All AgesFigure 9a

The Client Status Review (CSR) tracks the quality of life of consumers of the Alaska behavioral health treatment system. When clients enter the system they are asked a series of questions about their “life domains” such as thoughts of self-harm, feelings of connectedness, productivity, etc. For comparison, they are asked the same questions at different intervals during treatment, and at discharge. Figure 9 shows that at discharge, most consumers reported that their conditions were the same or better than they had been when they entered the system.

In fiscal years 2009 and 2010, at least 75% of individuals who received Behavioral Health
community-based services and completed a follow-up Client Status Review reported
"functioning well" for the following four life domains: Financial/Basic Needs, Housing
Situation, Physical Health, and Thoughts of Self Harm. Less than 75% of individuals
reported functioning well for two life domains: Meaningful Activities/Employment
and Mental/Emotional Health.
The DHSS Division of Behavioral Health target is for 75% of individuals who receive Behavioral Health community-based services to report functioning well for each of of the six life domains (Financial/Basic Needs,Housing, Activities/Employed, Mental/Emotional Health, Physical Health, &Thoughts of Self Harm)

Source: DHSS Div. of Behavioral Health, AKAIMS Client Status Review data SFY 2008