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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

Figure ES-2
Average Number of Participants in
Working Disabled Medicaid Buy-in Option

Figure ES-2 

The Working Disabled Medicaid Buy-in is a category of Medicaid intended to encourage an individual with a disability to work (if they are able) by giving or extending their access to health coverage. Alaska was the first state to pass legislation that provides for this program and participation has doubled since 2001.

To participate in the buy-in program, family income cannot exceed 250 percent of federal poverty guidelines for Alaska, and the individual’s monthly unearned income must be less than $1,252 ($1,854, if married) and countable assets of less than $10,000 ($15,000, if married).


Source: AK DHSS Div. of Public Assistance