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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

Figure HA-4
Rate of Children with Reports of FASD
to Alaska Birth Defects Registry, Birth Years 1998-2003

Alcohol-induced deaths 

Source: AK DHSS, Division of Public Health, Section of Women’s Children’s and Family Health, MCH EPI Unit, AK Birth Defects Registry Coordinator (8/2/10 report)

Figure HA-4 shows the unduplicated number of children reported to the Alaska Birth Defects Registry with ICD9 code 760.71 (fetus or newborn affected by maternal alcohol use), by their.6th birthday, and matched to an Alaska birth certificate. (The chart shows children reported by 8/2/10). Since 1998, the numbers have continually declined.

Children are often not identified and reported as FAS/D until around age six, when they are entering school; this is why 2003 is the most recent birth year reported. Challenges in the diagnosis of FAS and related conditions include the lack of specificity related to the ICD9 code and variations in the age at which the characteristics become evident.