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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

Figure HS-2: Non-Fatal Suicide Attempts
by Sex, Alaska, 2001-2009

Non-fatal Suicide chart 

Source: DHSS DPH, AK Trauma Registry staff (email 6/27/11)

Figure HS-2 shows the rate of non-fatal suicide attempts in Alaska that required hospitalization for at least 24 hours. Each year in Alaska, almost twice as many females than males have attempted suicide (non-fatal with hospitalization for at least 24 hours). The rate of attempts by Alaskan females age 15 to 24 has been significantly higher than in any other population group. (DHSS DPH Alaska Trauma Registry)

In both Alaska and the U.S. the rate of nonfatal suicide attempts is noticeably higher for females than for males, but in Alaska the difference between the rates for males and females is even more striking. In 2009 the U.S. rate for nonfatal attempts by females was 34 percent higher than for males, but in Alaska the rate for females was 75 percent higher than for males. (CDC WISQARS Nonfatal Injury Reports – attempts requiring hospitalization for at least 24 hours)