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Alaska’s State Planning Grant to Identify Options for Expanding Coverage for Alaska's Uninsured

Household Survey

A household survey covering all household members was conducted by the Survey Lab of the Division of Public Health through an interagency agreement. This survey was designed to obtain information about the kinds of insurance coverage people have, type of employment, and the reasons and duration of gaps in health insurance coverage.

The survey used the BRFSS sample design, a probability (or random) sample was selected in which all persons had a known chance of selection. A stratified random sampling design was used, stratifying the state into five regions based on common demographics. An equal number of interviews was conducted from each region with nonurban areas of Alaska purposely oversampled. The data were weighted or adjusted to compensate for the overrepresentation or under-representation of persons in various subgroups and further weighted to adjust the distribution of the sample data so that it reflected the total population of the sampled area.

The survey concluded in March 0f 2007. A final report of survey results is in progress and will be posted when available. Highlights of the survey results appear in the presentation “Alaska’s Uninsured” (July, 2007).