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Office of Healthcare Access

Special Notice for Auto-HPSA Sites in Alaska:

We are requesting Provider Surveys for the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration’s Shortage Designation Modernization Project in Alaska.

The Alaska Primary Care Office (PCO) updates information for certain types of healthcare providers. This information is important for HRSA’s calculation of Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designations. The provider information is vital for determining population-to-provider points that are included in each Auto-HPSA final score.
For more information on HPSAs go to HRSA’s Health Care Programs.
Why it’s important: HRSA is currently updating Auto-HPSA scores nation-wide as part of its ongoing Shortage Designation Modernization Project. Accurate provider information from you is critically important because of providers in your service area that serve the uninsured and Medicaid recipients. An updated HPSA score will also make you competitive for certain federal workforce programs such as National Health Service Corps (NHSC) or Nurse Corps. 
The provider survey is a requirement of the Health Resources & Services Administration’s Primary Care Office Cooperative Agreement and are governed under federal regulations. 
Who Should Fill Out the Provider Surveys?

Under the Health Resources & Services Administration’s regulations, certain health care facilities are automatically designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas. These are Auto-HPSAs. In Alaska, this means Federally Qualified Health Centers, as well as Alaska Native Tribal/Native American populations; including Indian Health Service clinics, tribally run clinics, tribal health centers and urban Indian organizations.

All Auto-HPSA sites have received an update summary of their Auto-HPSA score and an Excel spreadsheet directly from HRSA that includes the providers in the facility’s service area. (This Excel spreadsheet comes from UDS Mapper and the Bureau of Primary Healthcare.) 
What an Auto-HPSA site representative needs to do: 

Fill out a survey for each provider at your Auto-HPSA. 

For Primary Care providers: only provide a survey for MDs and DOs in these specialties: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OBY/GYN, and Pediatrics.

For Dental Health: only fill out surveys for DDSs and DMDs, non-specialist only.
For Mental Health: psychiatrists only.

How to get more assistance or more information about the provider surveys and your Auto-HPSA score:

Call or email Liza Root at, (907) 334-2423; or Della Fisher at, (907) 754-3479. 

How to get more assistance or more information about HRSA Shortage Designation Modernization Project and how it relates to your Auto-HPSA score:
Visit the HRSAs Bureau of Health Workforce website, email, call (301) 594-5168. 

Thank you for your cooperation in assuring your Auto-HPSA score is accurate!