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HRSA funded Rural Veterans Health Access Program

Alaska Veterans!

  • You don’t have to suffer through insomnia, chronic pain, nightmares, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, or depression.
  • You can now get confidential, on-line counseling to help you deal with past traumas and learn new coping strategies with all costs covered by the Rural Veterans Health Access Program.
  • You do not need to be registered with the VA to access this service.
  • Sign up for a 6-8 week session to learn how to use biofeedback to reduce stress and anxiety, and keep the free biofeedback unit for on-going use.
  • Or talk to a caring, confidential counselor and learn skills to make daily life easier to manage.
  • It’s different, it works, and you can recover.

Learn more or sign up for free Tele-health counseling services by calling 1-888-889-6472.

For more information connect with Sitka Counseling's Rural Veterans Health Access Program.


The federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has funded Alaska as one of three states in this model demonstration program to improve the quality of mental health and other critical healthcare services for veterans living in rural areas.

Funding from 2016 to 2019 will enable rural veterans to access telehealth video-linked counseling services and other emotional health services and training for medical and mental health providers to detect and treat traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

About the Program

The Rural Veterans Health Access Program is funded by the Health Resource Service Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy Grant No. H3GRH26369-02-00.


The goal of Alaska’s Rural Veterans Health Access Program (RVHAP) program is to utilize telehealth and health information technology to enhance access and quality of mental health service and other health care services to veterans residing in rural areas.

RVHAP Program Priorities

The Alaska RVHAP supports telehealth networks to provide statewide services including the provision of:

  • Video-linked counseling for trauma and other emotional health concerns provided by experienced counselors
  • Mental health crisis intervention services
  • Information for Veterans on benefit eligibility, available services, access to medical records and care coordination
  • Assistance for veterans with benefit eligibility, accessing services and health records
  • Webinar training for medical and behavioral health clinicians on TBI assessment and treatment and detection of post-traumatic stress disorders.

Traumatic Brain Injury Webinar Playlist: 

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Archived Traumatic Brain Injury Webinars

Past presentations can be accessed below. The topics are listed in chronological order from the first presentation to the most recent.