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Nursing is different here. Experience Public Health Nursing in rural Alaska. 
Opportunities, challenges, and rewards await you in Alaska!

Program & Administrative Support


These positions provide both a valuable extension of the PHN services to larger populations and an introduction to opportunities in the health occupations. The Health Program Associates and the Public Health Nurse Aides provide direct client and clinical program support in the larger public health centers. They may be involved in disease control outreach, contact follow-up, and health education;  clinic support and scheduling; clinical supply ordering and stocking; communicating with patients on instructions; and assisting with screening and clinical specimens. There are 3 Health Program Associates and 6 PHN Aide positions. 


Not your typical desk job!!!  The Administrative support positions include Administrative Clerk II and III, Administrative Supervisor, and Administrative Assistant. These positions are service facilitators and provide critical support to the PHN services and programs through varied clerical, financial and accounting, data entry, reception and client support and outreach, personnel and payroll support, travel support, and a wide range of problem solving with the nursing staff.   They perform a valuable service to their community in facilitating public health services. 

The Administrative Clerk II/III positions provide an excellent entry into health services, medical terminology and clinic support activities, or to career paths for moving up into more administrative positions within the State of Alaska.  The work is varied and challenging from day to day, and provides important support for the clients and services.  Frequently these positions are the first contact for the public.  There are 51 Administrative Clerk II/III/Supervisor positions and 5 Administrative Assistant positions. 

Administrative Manager

The Administrative Officer for the Section of Public Health Nursing is the overall manager for administrative procedures and policies, the budgeting, fiscal, accounting and human resources work of the Section.  This position is a part of the Department Support Services but assigned to and an essential part of the Section’s overall management.  There is one Administrative Officer II position.