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5 Easy Steps for Healthy Futures Challenge

Do the Healthy Futures Challenge together as a family. Help your child fill out the activity log.

It’s time for Alaska’s Healthy Futures Challenge. Starting Sunday, Feb. 3, 142 elementary schools across the state will encourage kids to get out and play every day. The Challenge is fun and free. To find out if your child’s school is participating, look at the list of schools posted on the Healthy Futures website.

Each school has a slightly different way of completing the Challenge, but many schools send the logs home to parents so families can keep track of a child’s physical activity together. Parents of children who attend elementary schools may get a folder that comes home in their child’s backpack.

Watch for the Healthy Futures log that will be coming your way soon, if it hasn’t already come home with your child.

Follow these simple steps to successfully complete the Healthy Futures Challenge:

  1. Keep the log in a place you can remember. For instance, stick it on the refrigerator with a magnet.
  2. Every day your child is physically active at least 30 minutes, have your child color in the day on the log, or write down what activity he or she did.
  3. Keep documenting activities during the four weeks of the monthly Challenge. To successfully complete the Challenge, a child needs to have at least 3 days filled in each week, for 4 weeks in a row.
  4. When the log is complete, send it back to your child’s teacher.
  5. Enjoy the prize your child receives for being active. Maybe he’ll let you play with it, too!

The Healthy Futures Challenge repeats again in March and April. If your children do all three Challenges, they will win three prizes – one for each month.

We’re approaching a record number of children signing up for the Challenge. We hope your family joins. We can all benefit from being more physically active.