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How do you play?

Hockey player Scott Gomez encourages kids to be active.

This month, the Play Every Day campaign launched a new message on TV stations across Alaska.

Our local athletes helped us film it this winter and spring.
Olympic skier Kikkan Randall – fresh off her World Cup Sprint Championship – glides up to the camera and says “I cross-country ski.”

Laura Ingham – a two-time Alaska Basketball Player of the Year during high school – dribbles up the court and says “I play basketball.”

Scotty Gomez, two-time Stanley Cup winner, skates out onto Anchorage ice and says “I play hockey.”

Olympic skier Holly Brooks, who has also won the Mt. Marathon running race, says, “I run up mountains.”

Then comes the big question: How do you play?

When it comes to getting physical activity every day for the best health, it really doesn’t matter WHAT you do, it just matters that you do it. Our kids need at least 60 minutes of activity every day. You can help them get that activity in fun ways, indoors or outdoors.

Watch our new Play Every Day message here. Then figure out what you want to do to get out and play.

Anchorage children helped us record a similar message for radio stations across Alaska. Listen to how they play every day.