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15 Alaska schools earn awards in fall Challenge; over 150 ready to play in spring

Find elementary schools participating in the 2014 Spring Healthy Futures Challenge here.
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Everyone wins with the Healthy Futures Challenge. Kids get prizes that inspire the joy of movement. Teachers get classrooms full of students more focused on their work. Parents get the satisfaction of watching their children grow stronger and more motivated about school and health.
And schools get a sense of community built around physical activity.
Involvement in the Challenge offers other rewards, too. Healthy Futures, a nonprofit group dedicated to empowering Alaska’s youth to build the habit of daily physical activity, gives grand prizes to students and awards to schools.
This fall’s Challenge yielded awards of $600, $400 and $200 to the top three schools in each of four tiers based on school population. It also gave  lottery awards of $200 to three schools with student participation of 20 percent or higher. The awards must be spent on equipment or materials that promote physical activity. Teachers at Bowman Elementary in Anchorage bought helmets for ice skating after getting an award for the 2013 Spring Challenge, for example.
The 2013 Fall Challenge engaged 15,795 students in physical activity. Four students who participated in all three months of the Fall Challenge won $300 sports packages toward the purchase of equipment or lessons, and 15 schools earned $200 to $600 awards. Here is a list of the winning schools:

Tier 1 (Schools with more than 400 students)
1st: Bowman (Anchorage School District)
2nd: Ravenwood (Anchorage)
3rd: Bear Valley (Anchorage)

Tier 2 (201-400 students)
1st: Huffman (Anchorage)
2nd: Campbell (Anchorage)
3rd: Machetanz (Mat-Su Borough School District)
Tier 3: (41-200 students)
1st: Girdwood (Anchorage)
2nd: Our Lady Of The Valley (Private Mat-Su school)
3rd: Aniguiin (Bering Strait School District)
Tier 4: (40 or fewer students)
1st: Eagle Community (Alaska Gateway School District)
2nd: Koliganek (Southwest Region School District)
3rd: Innoko River (Iditarod Area School District)
Lottery Award Schools
Willow (Mat-Su)
Cantwell (Denali Borough School District)
Polaris (Anchorage School District)

Check out the list of participating schools to find out how elementary students from throughout Alaska can join the challenge.