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Gladys Wood video uses action, humor to promote the fitness challenge 

Whether filming action or climbing walls, Gladys Wood students play every day.

The Healthy Futures Challenge is taking off at so many elementary schools that the buzz to sign up and participate is now coming from the kids themselves.

Exhibit A: Check out this new commercial filmed by the Student Council at Gladys Wood Elementary School in Anchorage.

Gladys Wood is one of more than 150 Alaska elementary schools that signed up to participate in this fall’s Healthy Futures Challenge to get kids physically active and filling out activity logs for prizes.

This is Gladys Wood’s first time participating, and the students wanted to start off with a great effort. That’s where the commercial comes in.

“We really wanted to get the word out and get kids involved in the program,” said Wendy Zorea, student council advisor and fifth grade teacher.

They didn’t have a big production plan (they filmed it in one afternoon in September). They didn’t have an elaborate film crew (they used the talents and late-night touch-ups of Ms. Zorea). But they didn’t need any of that because they had enthusiasm and some creative tricks in mind. Be sure to watch for special effects and commercial credits that look straight out of Hollywood.

The kids came up with the activities to shoot, Ms. Zorea said. “We went in the gym. We went outside,” she said. “We just had fun with it.”

When they were all finished, the Student Council aired their commercial during the morning announcements. The school loved it.

So far this fall, almost 100 students from Gladys Wood have participated in the Healthy Futures Challenge. That’s what you get from a place with a ton of school spirit.

Thank you, Gladys Wood, for supporting the Play Every Day campaign and the Healthy Futures Challenge. We couldn’t do it without you.