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Healthy Futures Challenge: It's not too late

Olympic skier Kikkan Randall gets kids motivated to play every day.

You say “Kikkan Randall” these days and people think of a fast and fierce Olympic athlete. She’s wearing skis on her feet. Sometimes she’s wearing pink highlights in her hair.

But you don’t often hear this one: Oh, and she’s riding in on her unicycle.

Alaska’s top skier has a fun streak and she brought it to a new television message that’s airing across Alaska for the Healthy Futures Challenge. 

Last fall, Kikkan held assemblies at a number of Alaska schools to cheer on the children as they started the Healthy Futures Challenge. She rode in on her unicycle. She showed off how her dedication to physical activity turned into a World Cup trophy. Then she encouraged Alaska children to follow through on their activity goals and fill out the Healthy Futures Challenge logs at their schools. We captured that excitement in TV and radio messages, and now Kikkan’s message is reaching Alaska parents all across the state. Take 30 seconds and watch her message below.

April is the final month for the Healthy Futures Challenge during the 2012-2013 school year (Don’t worry: It’s coming back this fall!). About 150 schools across Alaska signed up this spring. These schools are in 34 of the 55 school districts across Alaska. There’s a good chance your child’s school is one of them.

It’s not too late for your children to be physically active, log their activity on the simple Healthy Futures form they receive at school, and win a prize for sticking with the challenge. Find out if your child’s school is signed up the Challenge and encourage your children to be active each week.