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Alaska skateboarder says staying active can make dreams come true

Alaska skateboarder Preston Pollard gets airborne when he plays outside. Photo credit: Brian Adams.


Here, Alaska-born skater Preston Pollard leans back in mid-air over a snowy creek on his skateboard.
The magazine caption reads, “The iceman cometh. Preston Pollard gets frozen forever.”
This classic skateboard trick with an Alaska twist captures the life Pollard always dreamed of landing.  Born and raised in Alaska, the 25-year-old athlete now resides in Los Angeles, where he makes a living riding boards and doing ads, modeling, television work and motivational speaking. When talking to school kids, he delivers a simple but heartfelt message: Make good, healthy choices, and never give up on dreams.
As an elementary school student in Alaska, Pollard couldn’t wait for recess so he could play tag with his friends. He got involved in basketball, hockey and soccer, too, but once he hopped on a skateboard after school one day, he never looked back.
He enjoyed team sports and snowboarding, but skating really resonated with him, “because it was something different,” he said. “I felt like I didn't have a coach to tell me what to do, or what time to show up. I felt free, and skateboarding was just a big family.”
He skated wherever he found bare pavement, and his parents drove him to skateboard parks when they could. He dreamt then of becoming a sponsored skateboarder – and his dream came true.
Pollard shares his story with kids because he believes being healthy, working hard, and having energy and focus helps dreams come true.
Getting and staying active is the key. If you are unsure about what to do or how to get motivated, “start small,” he said. “Go outside and walk, or ride your bike, build a fort or an Igloo. Instead of going for fast food, try eating something more light. Try drinking more water.”
Whatever the dream, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and playing every day can help get you there.