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Get Out and Play. Every Day.
Get out and Play 60 Minutes Every Day
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Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Kikkan Randall challenges you and your family to get out and play every day.

The Challenge is on!

The February Healthy Futures Challenge begins this week. The great news is 142 schools teaching elementary ages have signed up for the spring challenge. That includes schools from Kaltag to Kenai to Ketchikan to Kodiak. To find out if your child’s school is participating, look at the list of schools posted on the Healthy Futures website.

See our post about the five simple steps to successfully complete the Challenge. Haven’t received the log yet? Download the log online.

At least 30 minutes of activity three days a week is needed for the challenge, but we’re not going to stop you if you do more! More is better. Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day for the best health.

Sample activities:

  • Monday – Walk the dog (45 minutes)
  • Wednesday – Dance Party! (20 minutes). Walk around the block (10 minutes)
  • Friday – Sledding (30 minutes)
  • Saturday – Ice skating and a bit of hockey at the neighborhood ice rink (60 minutes)

Last fall, more than 9,800 children across Alaska completed the challenge. This spring, let’s see if we can get more than 10,000 Alaska children to have fun and get out and play, every day.