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North to Fairbanks! Kids play every day at Woodriver Elementary

Woodriver Elementary students demonstrate one way to play every day.   
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Play Every Day headed north to Fairbanks this week to kick off two programs that celebrate being physically active, and having a lot of fun while doing it.

Woodriver Elementary School hosted an assembly Wednesday, March 5, that kicked off the Healthy Futures Challenge for March in a record 168 schools across Alaska. Thousands of Alaska elementary-age children are being physically active every week, tracking that activity on simple logs, and turning the logs in each month for prizes. For more than two years, Play Every Day has partnered with the Healthy Futures program to run school-based physical activity challenges throughout Alaska.

The Woodriver students also were joined by Team Alaska, who will be competing in the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks March 15–22. Team Alaska athletes and Woodriver students raced through an indoor obstacle course that included four Arctic Winter Games sports — basketball, soccer, hockey and gymnastics — and then threw in special skills taught by Woodriver’s physical education teacher — riding a unicycle and jumping on a pogo stick.

Raavee, the Arctic Winter Games raven mascot, got some loud cheers from the kids, but not as loud as the cheering that happened when the Woodriver kids shouted their answer to a question from Healthy Futures executive director Harlow Robinson.

What are you going to do, Woodriver?

Get out and play.

When are you going to do it?

Every day!