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What is the Healthy Futures Challenge?

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has partnered with Healthy Futures, an Alaska nonprofit organization, to fulfill a shared mission: To empower Alaska's young people to build the habit of daily physical activity. We will support parents and schools to accomplish our mission. Through the Department’s partnership with Healthy Futures, we’re running a three-month challenge to encourage Alaska’s kids to play every day. It’s called the Healthy Futures Challenge.

Participation is free, and children win prizes for being active. Schools with the highest participation can receive grants to support their physical activity programs. Kids win incentives for each completed log, and if they successfully complete three logs, they qualify for a grand prize.

The amount of activity we’re talking about is doable for every family – at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. That helps get children closer to the recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity every day for the best health.


See if your child's school is participating:

    Parents, you can support your child’s participation in the Healthy Futures Challenge by being physically active with your child and by helping your child complete his or her physical activity log.


Here’s more about the Challenge:


Alaska children, grades kindergarten through sixth grade. To find out if your child’s school is participating in the Spring 2014 Challenge, visit the Healthy Futures website.


Children will keep a log of physical activity. Each month, they’ll submit the log to a designated school staff member who tracks their completed logs in a simple database. Staff will electronically send the database to Healthy Futures at the end of each month. Healthy Futures will mail prizes to the school for distribution at no cost to the teachers or staff.


Spring Challenge: February, March and April, 2014


Primarily through Alaska schools, with the help of Healthy Futures, the Department of Health and Social Services, other partners, school staff, teachers and parents across Alaska

And now to the most important question: Why?

It is critical that we encourage behaviors that lead to healthy weights and prevent obesity. Physical activity is so important to our children’s physical and emotional health. Active children are more likely to have healthy weights, energy and self-confidence. They are more likely to perform better academically at school.