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NANANordic puts students on skis, revives cross country skiing in rural Alaska

Taking flight into spring light. Photo courtesy of NANANordic.
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If you put kids on skis, they’ll use them to skate ski, ski jump, skijor, do biathlons, and race across snow and ice to their hearts’ content.

That’s the idea two-time Olympian Lars Flora took to the NANA Development Corporation in 2011.The following year, he and 20 volunteers held weeklong cross country skiing camps for 650 students in Kotzebue, Kiana, Selawik and Noorvik.

NANANordic ignited, sending 40 coaches to NANA region villages and Anaktuvuk Pass this month to run ski camps for 2,000 kids in 12 communities. ...Read more...