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About the logo

The Vaccinate Alaska logo strives to establish the coalition as a trusted source of information for all Alaskans, with special attention paid to parents/guardians of infants and school-aged children and under-immunized populations, while inviting partnership with other healthcare professionals/coalitions.

Vaccinate Alaska Coalition Logo

The logo represents the coalition as positive, professional, Alaska-specific and forward-thinking. The word coalition is understated to emphasize that the coalition will be recognized through its achievements and ability to promote the call-to-action “Vaccinate Alaska”.

A boldly contrasting palette was selected to maximize color depth while creating stability and balance in the design. The sky over Denali transitions from a shade of purple to a rich golden yellow — suggestive of sunrise, progress, positive change, growth, transformation, or the future. This evokes a sense of new beginnings and encourages a positive view towards immunization. This presents an opportunity to overcome some of the negative perceptions associated with vaccination — to educate the public and create new partnerships.

VAC Logo Unveiled at the VAC 2006 Annual Meeting

Dr. William Atkinson and Martin Buser unveil the VAC logo at the 2006 VAC Annual Meeting Nov. 14 at the Millennium Hotel. logoUnveiling.jpg
Dr. William Atkinson and Martin Buser unveil the VAC logo at the 2006 VAC Annual Meeting.

Dr. William Atkinson, CDC National Immunization Program, was one of 2 special guests invited to the 2006 VAC annual meeting kick-off lunch, November 14th. Also joining us was 4-time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser. Martin, long-time VAC Champion of "I Did It By TWO!", our annual childhood immunization awareness campaign, honored us by participating in the unveiling of the logo.