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2000 Annual Report
View the 2000 Annual Report in its entirety. Use either the Table of Contents or bookmarks to navigate through the document.
Executive Summary
The executive summary includes population estimates, vital events (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and adoptions), and rates in Alaska for the 2000 calendar year.
The introduction provides an overview of Alaska, information on population and demographics and an explanation of how vital statistics are collected and recorded.
This chapter includes tables and charts showing numbers of births and rates by census areas and Native regional corporation boundaries; births by race, marital status, age, and education of mothers; prenatal care, place of birth, and birth weight.
Fetal and Infant Deaths
This chapter includes tables showing fetal and infant deaths and mortality rates by census areas and Native regional corporation boundaries; and infant deaths by selected causes of death.
Child and Adolescent Deaths
This chapter provides specific information on deaths to children from ages 0 through19 years of age.
This chapter includes charts and tables on deaths by census area and Native regional corporation area; death rates, causes of death; and age, gender, and race of decedents.
The adoption chapter provides information on census areas and Native regional corporation boundaries where adoption decrees were granted, adoptions by age, and adoptions by race.
Marriages and Divorces
This chapter provides information on the number and rates of marriages and divorces by residence census areas and Native regional corporation boundaries, and divorces by type of decree.
Appendix A: Definition of Terms
Appendix A contains definitions of terms used in the annual report.
Appendix B: Technical Notes
Appendix B contains technical information explaining use of vital statistics and formula calculations.
Appendix C: Mortality
Appendix C shows ICD9 codes used in specific causes of death.
Appendix D: Prenatal Care
Appendix D explains the criteria for determining level of prenatal care.
Appendix E: Determination of Child's Race
Appendix E explains how a child's race at birth is determined for use in this report.
Appendix F: Year 2000 Health Objectives
Appendix F shows several Year 2000 health objectives and the measures achieved for each in 1998 through 2000.
Appendix G: Sample Certificates (Not available)
Appendix H: Geographic Information
Appendix H includes each village in Alaska and the census area and Native regional corporation within which it lies.
Appendix I: Population Overview
Appendix I includes population estimates for 2000 used in this report.
Appendix J: Maps
Appendix J includes borough/census area and Native Regional Corporation maps of Alaska.


Most of the data and health indicators presented in this report are based upon information supplied by many people throughout the state. Birth mothers, doctors, midwives, other birth attendants, medical facilities, medical examiners, magistrates, funeral directors, and a host of other individuals complete information on vital records.

The staff of the Bureau of Vital Statistics extends our gratitude to each person who participated in our data gathering effort. Accurate data are essential to the Bureau's efforts to report reliable vital event information. We appreciate the assistance of others in maintaining the integrity of our data.