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Clint J. Farr, MS


Health Analytics & Vital Records

Health Analytics & Vital Records (Formerly the Bureau of Vital Statistics)

The Health Analytics & Vital Records Section is responsible for administering vital records for events that occurred within the State of Alaska. Vital records include data from births, deaths, fetal deaths, divorces, and marriages, as well as reports of adoption, paternity, and amendments.

Vital Records

Certified copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates are available through the following options:

  • We are able to receive orders by mail or fax, by submitting the appropriate form under "Order Certificates" at right. In order to prevent multiple orders, please use only ONE of these methods or you risk getting charged for more than one order. These charges are non-refundable. You may also walk in to either our Anchorage or Juneau office for applications and processing.
  • Please note that mailing a request to our office with a tracking number, (e.g., Priority, Express or FedEx) does not guarantee expedited service. You must choose expedited service on the form for an additional $11.  Otherwise, mail will be processed in the order that it is received.  You may expedite a request by fax or through VitalChek. Please note the instructions on the forms, or see our FAQ’s for more information
  • Online requests may be submitted through VitalChek (additional fees apply). VitalChek is the only online ordering option for Alaska vital records at this time.
  • Regular mail cannot be tracked, and because of the sensitive nature of vital record documents, we strongly advise you to order using a shipping method with a tracking number (Priority Mail, Express Mail, or FedEx).
  • If you choose regular mail and do not receive your order, you will need to resubmit a new request along with ID and payment.
  • We do not recommend you use a "General Delivery" mailing address on your order.  However, if it cannot be avoided, please request Priority or Express mail with a tracking number.

Please be advised that copies are available only for those events which have occurred in Alaska. Obtaining records for events occurring in other states may be found at the ​National Center for Health Statistics.

Under Alaska law, all vital records are strictly confidential until they are released as public records after a set period of time: 100 years for births and 50 years for all other events.

For additional information regarding Alaska vital records, please contact the Juneau Vital Records Office.

Health Analytics

The Health Analytics Unit collects high quality information on all births, deaths, marriages, divorces, hospitalizations, and cancer cases that occur in Alaska.

Health Analytics reports these data in a variety of formats to help Alaskans understand public health trends, determine whose health is most at risk, identify public health priorities, develop public health policy, strategize public health promotion, and evaluate success or continued challenges of public health improvement efforts.

For more information on hospitalizations from the Health Facilities Data Reporting System (HFDR), please click here.  For HFDR and Vital Statistics data tables and reports, please visit Data and Statistics.  For information and data on cancer cases in Alaska please visit the Alaska Cancer Registry or contact  For all other Health Analytics programs please contact us at