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Heidi Lengdorfer

Chief, Health Analytics & Vital Records

Health Analytics & Vital Records (Formerly the Bureau of Vital Statistics)

The Health Analytics & Vital Records Section is responsible for administering vital records for events that occurred within the State of Alaska. Vital records include data from births, deaths, fetal deaths, divorces, and marriages, as well as reports of adoption, paternity, and amendments.

Certified copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates are available through the following options:

  • Submitting the appropriate form under "Order Certificates" at right by mail, fax, or in person to the Anchorage or Juneau Vital Records Offices
  • Online requests may be submitted through VitalChek (additional fees apply). VitalChek is the only online ordering option for Alaska vital records at this time.

Please be advised that copies are available only for those events which have occurred in Alaska. Obtaining records for events occurring in other states may be found at the ​National Center for Health Statistics.

Under Alaska law, all vital records are strictly confidential until they are released as public records after a set period of time: 100 years for births and 50 years for all other events.

For additional information regarding Alaska vital records, please contact the Juneau Vital Records Office.


  • January 24, 2017: Vital Statistics 2015 Annual Report
    The 2015 Annual Report summarizes data on births, deaths, adoptions, marriages, and divorces to provide basic reference material and indicators for health and vital events in Alaska.
  • October 24, 2016: Increased Processing Times.
    Processing times have increased to 6-8 weeks for mailed requests. Please see our FAQ for additional information.
  • July 1, 2016: Reduced Court Hours.
    Beginning July 1st, the Court System will close Fridays at noon, and reopen Mondays, with no services available on Saturdays.
  • April 30, 2015: Fairbanks Vital Records Office Closure.
    Marriage license applications may be completed at the Fairbanks Courthouse, located at 101 Lacy Street. All other requests can be mailed or faxed to the Juneau Vital Records Office.