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Marriage Certificates

We are experiencing significant delays in certificate processing. Please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for processing all certificates except in-person counter orders. Currently, the best method for ensuring timely receipt of your expedited certificate request is by using​.

PLEASE NOTE: The completed marriage license must be mailed to the Juneau Field Office and registered before a certified copy can be issued. Faxed copies cannot be accepted.



Incomplete applications or applications that do not include proper photo identification will be returned unprocessed.

  • The bride, groom, or spouse may obtain a certified copy of their own marriage certificate.
  • A marriage certificate can also be furnished to a legal representative. Legal representatives must submit a certified copy of the legal document when requesting a marriage certificate that is not their own.
  • Use the full first, middle, and last names as they appear on the certificate when filling out the request form.
  • We can only process requests for marriages that occurred in Alaska. For marriages that occurred outside of Alaska, requests must be sent directly to the appropriate state.
  • ALL REQUESTS MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PICTURE ID OF THE PERSON REQUESTING THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Enlarge the copy and lighten it as much as possible to ensure it is clear and readable when sent to the Bureau, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FAXING YOUR REQUEST. REQUESTS WITH DARK OR UNCLEAR COPIES OF IDs WILL BE RETURNED UNPROCESSED. Your signature under the copied ID is also required.

The following are acceptable for identification purposes:

  • A driver's license or official identification card issued by another state in the U.S., jurisdiction or territory, unexpired, or expired for not more than one year.
  • An unexpired U.S. or foreign passport.
  • U.S. military identification, military dependent identification or veteran's identification.
  • If you are currently living in Alaska, a BIA or tribal identification card with photo will also be accepted.

If you are unable to provide any of the above-mentioned forms of identification, please contact the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics at 907.465.3391 to speak with a customer service representative.


  • Print and complete the request form and mail it or fax it to our office.
  • Walk-in service is also available in Anchorage or Juneau. Please check our website for office hours and location.
  • Vital records requests contain confidential information. Therefore, we highly recommend you mail your request. E-mail, although convenient, is not secure and subject to fraud.
  • Remember to sign your request and enclose the correct fees as well as a copy of picture ID.


  • Requests sent by regular mail will normally be processed within 4-6 weeks after receipt by the Bureau.  
  • Heirloom requests are normally processed within 6 -8 weeks after receipt by the Bureau. Note that most governmental agencies do not accept heirloom certificates as proof of marriage.
  • For expedited service, fill out the marriage certificate request form, mark expedited service, and then fax it into our office.  There is an $11.00 fee for expedited requests. Expedited requests are normally processed within three business days.
  • Normal processing times can be greater during periods of high volume. Please plan accordingly and allow for mailing time. 


  • If your record is not found, $30 of your payment will be retained as a search fee, and a statement of search document will be mailed.  Once the record is available, you may return the statement of search for the certificate.
  • The first copy of a certificate is $30.00 and additional copies are $25 for each copy of the same record ordered at the same time. The first copy of an heirloom certificate is $65.00 and extra copies are $60 for each copy of the same record ordered at the same time.
  • Records requiring an Apostille: Marriage Certificates requiring authentication for a foreign country have additional fees. The additional charge is $12.00 for the first record, with $2.00 added for each additional copy of the same record. This includes the $2.00 fee for the Lt. Governor's office. The country that the record is being sent to must be noted on your request.
  • All NSF checks will be sent to a collection agency. There will be a $30.00 charge for returned checks.


  • For additional information on obtaining Alaska Vital Records, please contact the Juneau Field Office at (907) 465-3391.