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Get Involved

If you are interested in serving on our Youth Advisory Board or our Adolescent Health Committee, please contact the program manager for more details. 

Key players that can impact adolescent health:

  • State of Alaska
  • Local Government
  • Tribal Health Organizations and Corporations
  • Local Tribes
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Educators and school staff
  • Parents and youth themselves
  • Healthcare providers
  • Faith-based communities
  • Policy makers, legislators
  • Businesses
  • Everyone


  • National Stakeholders’ Collaborative to Improve HIV/AIDS and Teen Pregnancy Prevention in Schools.  This is a collaboration between the Section of Epidemiology HIV/STD Program, the Department of Education, the Anchorage School District and the Section of Women’s, Children’s and Family Health.
  • Alaska Network for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault /DELTA prevention project to promote healthy relationships and youth engagement in Alaska
  • Coordinated School Health Alaska Initiative
  • Reproductive Health Partnership
  • All Alaska Pediatric Partnership