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Learn more about the Providence Autism Diagnostic Network and its services focused on diagnosing autism and other developmental disorders.

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Call 269-3400 or (800) 799-7570 if calling from outside Anchorage. You also can reach Alaska's Autism Program by emailing

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Autism spectrum disorders are costly to families. They can rob parents and children of loving conversations and interactions. Mothers and fathers talk about longing to hear their children say “I love you.” Parents want their children to be able to play with others, learn in school and get fulfilling jobs as adults.

Autism spectrum disorders can strain families with the high price tag that comes with years of critical treatment. The average direct costs for autism-related medical and behavioral treatments reach about $30,000 each year, per child. Without such critical treatment, each child will cost the state of Alaska an estimated $3.2 million over the course of a lifetime.