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Autism Network

Learn more about the Providence Autism Diagnostic Network and its services focused on diagnosing autism and other developmental disorders.

Contact us

Call 269-3400 or (800) 799-7570 if calling from outside Anchorage. You also can reach Alaska's Autism Program by emailing

Alaska Autism Alliance

The Alaskan Autism Alliance works to connect families to providers and agencies.

Autism Ad Hoc Committee

In response to the urgent need to identify and begin services sooner, the Autism Ad Hoc Committee formed and in 2005 wrote a 5-step plan to raise awareness, to build a system of care, and to develop an educational program to meet the increased need for a workforce of Alaskan service providers to help children identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism Alliance

  • Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education
  • Golden Heart Chapter of the Autism Society of Alaska
  • Stone Soup Group
  • Alaska Mental Health Trust
  • SESA
  • Senior and Disabilities Services
  • HOPE
  • EL/ILP
  • ECCS
  • Department of Education
  • Division of Behavioral Health
  • Tribal health
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Military
  • Denali KidCare

What is Autism?