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BCHC for Women

Alaska’s Breast & Cervical Health Check program (BCHC) can pay for approved screening exams. If any exam results are abnormal, BCHC can also pay for approved diagnostic tests to rule out problems, including cancer.

BCHC can pay for:

Breast Cancer Screenings

  • Clinical breast exam
  • Screening mammogram (for women ages 40 – 64)
  • Diagnostic follow up tests if results are abnormal

Cervical Cancer Screenings (for women ages 21-64)

  • Pap test
  • HPV test
  • Diagnostic follow up tests if results are abnormal

If you are screened and diagnosed with cancer or a pre-cancerous condition through BCHC, you may be eligible to have your treatment paid for by Medicaid. The BCHC team will assist you with the referral process to Medicaid.

BCHC can’t pay for everything. For example, we can’t pay for birth control, general bloodwork, or the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Call 1-800-410-6266 if you have any questions about what services we can cover for you. 

Enrolling in BCHC

  • You are eligible for BCHC if:
  • You are 21-64 years old
  • You meet the income guidelines below
  • You do not have health insurance OR You cannot meet your health insurance deductible OR your health insurance does not pay for BCHC services

To see if you are eligible for BCHC, call 1-800-410-6266 and enroll over the phone

Eligibility information will be verified over the phone. Documentation such as a social security number is not required. 

Other Information

  • If you have Medicare Part B, you are not eligible for BCHC
  • Transgender women (male-to-female), who have taken or are taking hormones and meet all program eligibility requirements, are eligible to receive breast cancer screening and diagnostic services through BCHC. Although there are limited data about the risk for breast cancer among transgender women, long term hormone use has been shown to increase the risk for breast cancer among women whose biological sex was female at birth. Talk to your provider about the benefits and harms of screening and discuss individual risk factors to decide if screening is medically indicated. Transgender men (female-to-male) may still receive cancer screenings through BCHC if they have not had a bilateral mastectomy or total hysterectomy.

Find a BCHC Health Care Provider

BCHC works with doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, mammography technicians and radiologists throughout the state. When you enroll in the program, the BCHC team will send you a list of BCHC providers near you. 

Call 1-800-410-6266 for more information about BCHC Health Care Providers  

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