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Become a BCHC Provider

Breast and Cervical Health Check (BCHC) is the State of Alaska’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. It is supported by funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services.

BCHC has identified specialized roles for delivery of its clinical services. Providers who routinely do women’s annual exams are referred to as “Screening Providers.” Providers offering specialty services including laboratory, imaging and breast or cervical specialist consultation are called “Clinical Consultant and Resource Providers.”

In general, Screening Providers:

  • Determine eligibility and ideally serving as the woman’s medical home;
  • Refer women to appropriate BCHC providers (imaging centers and specialists) for additional services when necessary;
  • Provide BCHC with data about women they have screened.
Clinical Consultant and Resource Providers have a much more limited role in comparison to that of the Screening Provider. In general, they:
  • Accept referrals from BCHC Screening Providers for further diagnostic testing and consultation;
  • Notify BCHC and the Screening Provider of results of consultations, examinations, or diagnostic work done.
We encourage providers interested in joining the BCHC network to view our PowerPoint Presentation:
These materials are designed to provide a general overview of BCHC and to answer commonly asked operational questions.
Becoming a BCHC Provider is easy, just contact:

Once your agreement as been received and processed, someone from BCHC will call you. If you have mailed your Agreement and haven’t heard from us, please call Jessica at (907) 269-3476.

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