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Promotion, Prevention, and Preparedness for Alaskans with Disabilities: the Alaska Health and Disability Program


About the Program

The Alaska Health and Disability Program aims to improve health outcomes for Alaskans with disabilities, which currently includes about 23% of the state’s population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012).

Alaskans with disabilities experience significant disparities in nearly every core health indicator, from access to preventative care to self-reported mental health needs. Consider the following data:

  • 39.2 % of Alaskan adults with disabilities are characterized as obese, as compared with 24.3% of Alaskans without disabilities†
  • 30.8% of Alaskan adults with disabilities report no physical activity in a 30-day period as compared with 18.0% of Alaskans without disabilities†
  • 41.0% of Alaskan adults with disabilities report their general health as fair or poor as compared with 7.0% of Alaskans without disabilities†

†BRFSS 2011/13

For more information on health and disability in Alaska, take a look at our fact sheets:

Program Activities

The grant that funded the Alaska Health and Disability Program was not renewed, therefore, the program ended on June 30, 2016. The Alaska Health and Disability Program webpages will still remain active and continue to provide resources on health promotion and emergency preparedness for Alaskans with disabilities.

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