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Metabolic Clinic

The State of Alaska Metabolic Clinic offers a specialty clinic for individuals diagnosed with metabolic genetic conditions. Individuals commonly seen in this clinic include:

  • a child with a metabolic condition diagnosed through the Newborn Screening Program;
  • children and adults with changes in body chemistry such as extremely high and low protein, fat or sugar levels in their blood.

The Metabolic Clinic serves people from all over Alaska and occurs three times a year in Anchorage and Fairbanks. The clinic is staffed with a program manager, office assistant, a nutritionist, and a contracted out-of-state biochemical geneticist. The biochemical geneticist is a doctor who is specially trained in the area of metabolic genetics.

Patients are referred to the clinic by their pediatrician, primary care, or family practice doctor when there is concern for a metabolic condition. Patients with a known metabolic condition who move to Alaska, can also be seen in this clinic. Referrals should be faxed to the program manager. These requests are reviewed by the biochemical geneticist, who determines if the patient should be seen in clinic. All appointments are scheduled through the program manager. The contracted out-of-state geneticist is also available by telephone to Alaska physicians in need of metabolic genetic consultation.

When a patient comes to clinic, they receive a physical examination and a family health history is taken. Patients seen by the geneticist will talk about the diagnosis or possible diagnosis; its cause, treatment, reproductive risks, and carrier testing. For patients requiring nutritional support the nutrionist assesses need and councils patients on ways to nutritionally manage their metabolic condition. After the appointment the clinical notes and recommendations are sent to the referring provider for continuity of patient care.

Upcoming Metabolic Clinic Dates and Locations:


23 October - Anchorage
24 October - Anchorage
25 October - Fairbanks


19 February - Anchorage
20 February - Anchorage
21 February - Fairbanks

25 June - Anchorage
26 June - Anchorage
27 June - Fairbanks


Joanne Singleton, Program Manager
Alaska Division of Public Health
Women’s, Children’s, and Family Health
3601 C Street. Suite 322
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907-269-3430
Fax: 907-754-3425
Email: ​