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CUBS stands for the Childhood Understanding Behaviors Survey and is a three-year follow-up to the Alaska Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). PRAMS sends a survey to approximately one of every six mothers of newborns in Alaska. CUBS attempts follow-up with all mothers living in Alaska who completed PRAMS and whose infant was living with them at that time. The purpose of CUBS is to collect information about health, behaviors, and experiences of young children and families in Alaska. 

Should your data needs not be met by CUBS Data Sheets below, please consider a summary data request.  Download the PRAMS or CUBS Summary Data Request form here​​ and submit it to  If you want to analyze a de-identified CUBS dataset, submit a completed WCFH Data Utilization Agreement and Data Request to  (Complex survey analysis experience is required.)  Please contact us if you have any questions while completing either form.

2013 CUBS Data Sheets

2012 CUBS Data Sheets

2011 CUBS Data Sheets

2010 CUBS Data Sheets

2009 CUBS Data Sheets

2008 CUBS Data Sheets