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Journal Articles & Newspaper Citations

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Journal Articles Citing Alaska PRAMS Data

T. Kimmel, How the stats really stack up: Cosleeping is twice as safe, Mothering, Sept/Oct 2002; pp. 52-57 (non-peer-reviewed article)

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CDC. Are Women with Recent Live Births Aware of the Benefits of Folic Acid? MMWR 2001; 50(RR06);3-14.

Gessner BD, Perham-Hester KA. Experience of Violence among Teenage Mothers in Alaska. J Adol Health 1998; 22: 383-8. (Summary digest "Nearly 10% of Teenage Mothers Experience Violence while Pregnant" printed in Family Planning Perspectives 1999; 31:106-107.) (Erratum to Table 1 printed in J Adol Health 1999; 24 (6):459.)

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Newspaper Articles Citing Alaska PRAMS Data

Anchorage Daily News

Nurse offers Plan B: Oops fills weekly birth-control gap. Business section E-1, 6; April 6, 2000. Alaska PRAMS unintended prevalence for 1998 overall and teen moms cited.

Gone in a Heartbeat: SIDS numbers high in Alaska. Front page; November 15, 1998. (Correction to data printed November 24, 1998.) Alaska PRAMS data on back and side-sleeping for infants were cited.

Ellis measure stands behind breast-feeding. Front page; April 7, 1998. Alaska PRAMS data on breast-feeding from Family Health Dataline (Vol 2: No. 4) were cited.

Message misses its mark: Booze, drugs found in 16% of new moms. Front page; October 11, 1995. Alaska PRAMS data were used to give a counter viewpoint of the data referred to in the headline.

Maternal health care. The Almanac. Page B6, June 28, 1994. Alaska PRAMS data pulled from Alaska Vital Signs (Vol 4:1, 1994) newsletter.