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Oral Health

Focus Areas

Oral Health Surveillance System:

An integrated, comprehensive Oral Health Surveillance System (OHSS) is maintained by the program. Information from the OHSS is used with the oral disease burden document (see information in the state oral health plan) and some indicators are submitted to the  National Oral Health Surveillance System maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Oral Health Coalition:

A statewide oral health coalition, the Alaska Dental Action Coalition, advises the Oral Health Program, develops policy recommendations and provides advocacy to address oral health issues in Alaska. The coalition meets four times a year and has committees that meet on a regular basis to discuss issues regarding policy, access, prevention, provider education, and the use of fluorides. If you are interested in participating in the coalition, please contact staff members listed on this site.

Community Water Fluoridation Program:

A program to improve the public’s awareness of community water fluoridation, the delivery of optimal fluoridation in community water systems and improve access to alternative fluoride delivery systems to residents without fluoride in their drinking water system. Learn more about Alaska’s Drinking Water Program. Learn more about fluoride in your community water system at My Water’s Fluoride.

State Oral Health Plan:

A State Oral Health Plan has been developed for Alaska and disseminated to stakeholders and partners. The Plan provides policy makers with baseline data on oral health status and identifies oral health disparities through demographic data. The Plan is a framework for implementation of policy to address identified disparities and help improve the oral health of all Alaskans. An overview of oral health in Alaska can be found in the State Oral Health Plan. Oral health plans for other states can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.

Dental Sealant Program:

The Oral Health Program partners with statewide oral health programs on initiatives to help increase utilization of dental services for high-risk children and youth in Alaska. Alaska’s Medicaid program covers oral health preventive services for children age 0 to 21 and includes the application of dental sealants. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has an active dental sealant program for children and youth who qualify for tribally funded health care services. Access to dental sealants is currently available at federally funded Community Health Centers, Medicaid enrolled oral health providers, dental clinics or itinerant providers in rural communities operated by Tribal health organizations and private dental offices.