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Your Family Emergency Plan

Your family can work together to develop a family emergency plan before an emergency occurs. Sit down together and figure out:

  • How you will get in touch with each other
  • A safe place to meet, both within and outside of your neighborhood

Practice your plan regularly, and ask your school, daycare provider, and workplace to share their site-specific emergency plan!

For mothers: make an emergency birth plan

Prepare for Birth Emergencies:
  • Take a childbirth class to learn about labor, delivery, and after birth care;
  • Prepare a birth emergency kit that includes clean towels, sheets, latex or vinyl gloves, sanitary pads, and diapers;
  • Learn the signs of early labor. Talk with your healthcare provider so you feel confident identifying these signs; and
  • Learn infant CPR (first aid).

More emergency preparedness information for moms and babies is available in Staying Safe: Disaster preparedness for pregnant women and families with infants.