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About Birth spacing

Take the Time to Build a Strong, Healthy Family

The Benefits of Birth Spacing

A woman who waits until her chld is at least two years old before becoming pregnant again is making the healthiest plan for her and her baby. Planning enough time between pregnancies could increase the health benefits for the mother, the baby and older siblings.

Benefits to the mother:

  • Her body has enough time to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.
  • She has more time to regain health and energy.

Benefits to the new baby:

  • The baby has an increased chance of being born on time, and not too early.
  • The baby has a higher chance of weighing enough at birth, instead of being born too little.
  • Babies born on time and at healthy weights have a better chance of growing well and avoiding sickness. Babies who are born underweight face a higher risk of disabilities.

Benefits to older siblings:

  • Planning enough time between pregnancies allows the mother to breastfeed for a longer period of time. Breast milk offers unique nutrition to a growing infant.
  • The mother and father have more time to prepare foods for the older child, as well as more time to provide the loving attention the older child needs and wants.
Source: UnicefUSAID Family Planning
Creating a strong, healthy family takes planning. Family planning means deciding the number of children you want and when you want to have them.