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Alaska Birth Defects Registry (ABDR)

Alaska Birth Defects Registry (ABDR)

Established in January 1996 under the Alaska Administrative Code (7 AAC 27.012), ABDR is a passive surveillance program that collects and provides information on the numb​​er of infants with birth defects born to Alaska residents.​

May 2018

Prevalence Rates published. 2010-2014

Jan 2018

The registry has updated its data collection ICD codes and data. 
There is a new ICD code range - M21021 through M21129. 
There are new reporting data elements - first and last name of the mother/responsible party. 
Please review the reporting guide for all the new information.


     Most common birth defects reported to ABDR                  before age three, Alaska 2010–2014


*Report rates are based on raw unweighted reports to ABDR and likely DO NOT reflect actual defect prevalence, and are subject to coding error. Defect prevalence estimates incorporate medical records review for condition confirmation. see the discussion in 'Data analysis methods'.
**Among male infants only infants with birth defects born to Alaska residents